Welcome to ‘6 on 6’


To kick off my new blog, I’m starting up a challenge dedicated to taking 6 photos on the 6th of every month. 6 really nice photos. Like, your BEST EVER photos – pictures to take pride in.

I was inspired to start this when I came across a photo on Instagram and thought it would be nice to turn that photo into a blog post, with a twist – a geeky twist.

What’s the aim? To give everyone a little look into your world, your nerdy world. So the general theme of the photos is GEEK – things that you geek out about, whether that may be books, music, toys, stationary or comics, your photos need to reflect you and the things you love.

And to make it more interesting, each month has a different colour associated with it, so the photos need to be themed around that.

I’d love for my readers to take part in this, so if you’re up for the challenge, get thinking about what your pictures are going to include, and spread the word because the more the merrier.

Oh, and when the 6th comes, it would be great to share and compare, so get tweeting with the hashtag #6on6

I look forward too seeing all your photos and finding out what we have common. See you on the 6th nerds.


41 thoughts on “Welcome to ‘6 on 6’

  1. B says:

    Oooooh! I can’t wait to see how this goes! I don’t think I’ll make this month but I’m already thinking about September!


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  3. Jessica says:

    Haha, this sounds like so much fun – I don’t know how nerdy my pictures will be. :/ I’m not really a typical nerd, but I look forward to participating for the rest of the year.

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